Thursday, 26 May 2011

Final Product Plan For Creating An Artwork

1. I have conducted an Internet search of different Indonesian art forms that I would like to follow.

2.I have identified 5 different paintings and I compared them according to use of artistic techniques.

3. After examining the different paintings I found that I was most interested in the girls' face. I looks easy to draw and has a very realistic style as I do not like drawing abstract.

4. I have decided that I would like to copy this drawing fro my final product as it will help me develop new skills.

5. This weekend I will visit an art shop to buy the materials needed. i will buy a canvas (the size I have not decided yet) and the oil paints.

6. I will start my drawing next week and continue for the next 2 weeks as I would like to exhibit my painting in our exhibition during the last week of school...

1 comment:

  1. Well done Nahyeon. You have an interesting topic and it is great idea to paint a picture to show off your creative talents just as you did in the book. That was a fantastic project and you proved yourself to be a great IB risk-taker! I am proud of you.