Monday, 13 June 2011

Palestine Project

This is my humanities project after watching a documentary film "Palestine". We were to create a visual presentation such as making posters, collages, or movie etc, and I chose to make a poster that gives message to people around the world. I compared the situation that's happening in Palestine, (violation of human rights) to a game called "Pacman". It's a very famous game. The yellow circle represents the Palestinian people who wants to go through the roads to get to work, or to hospitals, but they cannot because the Israeli government stops them. It is very sad that people are not aware of this situation. 

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Website review


The website I have chosen to review is called www.manythings .org which is an English language learning website for grammar and vocabulary.

1.     Go to the website
2.     Click on vocabulary
3.     Click on word based games
4.     I went to Prefix, then jig word.
5.     Play the game.

I thought this website was useful because I learnt different prefixes. I was confused with trans and inter, but I understood after playing this game. Also, it tells us how many correct answers I got in how many seconds, so I can see whether I improve or not by each time. It was very fun. I think it would be better if there were a harder game. 

My final product

I created my final product, which was painting my own Indonesian style painting. I started thinking about what I'll paint for my Indonesian style painting last week, and I could manage to finish my work by this week. It was fun and interesting as I learnt by applying new skills to my painting.
I used Shinhan oil color,
some oil color brushes,
and canvas.
(The size of the canvas was not so big.)
Then I began to sketch lightly, and moved on to painting. 
This is the picture of my product.

And this is the detail view of upper part of my painting. I tried to combine few techniques that I've seen in few other Indonesian paintings. I drew an Indonesian girl with flowers on her hair. I tried to add details to her face, and clothes. 

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Final Product Plan For Creating An Artwork

1. I have conducted an Internet search of different Indonesian art forms that I would like to follow.

2.I have identified 5 different paintings and I compared them according to use of artistic techniques.

3. After examining the different paintings I found that I was most interested in the girls' face. I looks easy to draw and has a very realistic style as I do not like drawing abstract.

4. I have decided that I would like to copy this drawing fro my final product as it will help me develop new skills.

5. This weekend I will visit an art shop to buy the materials needed. i will buy a canvas (the size I have not decided yet) and the oil paints.

6. I will start my drawing next week and continue for the next 2 weeks as I would like to exhibit my painting in our exhibition during the last week of school...

Week 5

Week 5- Application May 2nd- 6thTeacher Notes
Standard and Criterion MetCriterion C,D,E
Completed TaskI examined different Indonesian paintings to see what art I would like to copy and draw for my final product.
I classified 5 paintings according to what I liked and what I thought would be easy to draw.
I posted the paintings on my blog to illustrate just how unique Indonesian art is.
You are very creative and you have chosen to finish this activity in an interesting way. Good luck!
To Do ListI will identify what artistic techniques will be useful for my final product.
I will explain in a blog entry how I intend to work towards creating my final product which is due in 2 weeks.
I love your pictures just as much I was enjoyed reading and looking at the illustrations in your book.

Indonesian paintings that I have chosen

I looked at many different kinds of Indonesian paintings, and I have chosen some of the paintings that I like.
I like how the artist painted background and the colors that he or she used. Also, the woman looks so exotic and pretty and let me feel the uniqueness of Indonesian art.

I like the right painting. The contrast of blue and yellow color is very nice.

I would like to paint something like this. The children's eyes are really pretty. The earrings are so Indonesian and lovely!

The wayang puppets are in this painting, and it is very nice how she(painter) painted the puppets on the top. The dress is also very Indonesian and lovely.

This is one example of wayang. This is very Indonesian, and has deep culture inside.

Unit Of Inquiry

Unit of Inquiry
Week 1 Introduction-April 5th- 8thTeacher Notes
Completed TaskSurvey of learning styles and survey of interests posted onto blog.
Discussed  topics I was interested in.
Well done.
To Do ListForm a guiding question and a AOI to match my topic.

Week 2 Getting Started-April 11th- 15thTeacher Notes
Standard and Criterion MetCriterion A
1. Ask interpretive and evaluative questions
3. Select a focus, organization, and point of view based upon purpose, audience, length and format requirements appropriate to audience and circumstances.
Good work
Completed TaskReviewed and wrote the  Criterion for my project
Posted the Bloom’s Taxonomy onto blogger
Formed a guiding question to match my Area of Interaction
Choose my topic.
Excellent work
To Do ListStart researching my topic “ Indigenous Art in Indonesia- culture and art” using Blooms Taxonomy.Great topic, I am also interested in indigenous art.

Criterion, Objectives and Skills
Criterion A- understand and respond to questions and statements
ask interpretive and evaluative questions
Ask questions about my topic in order to define my topic and help learning my topic.
Criterion B-correctly use a range of vocabulary correctly
make informative presentations/projects that frame a key question; contain facts and details that help listeners focus, and incorporate more than one source of information (e.g. speakers, books, newspapers, film).
Learn grammar while enjoying it, and correctly use vocabulary when I speak. I will do discussions, role play, and presentations and in there I will use proper grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.
Criterion C- use a format and structure appropriate to the task to organize the work
Select a focus, organization, and point of view based upon purpose, audience, length, and format requirements.
I will show my understanding about my topic by using a variety of software that suits my topic such as Keynote, Powerpoint, iMovie and Word.
Criterion D-correctly use a range of vocabulary
appropriate to audience and circumstance.
I will use the correct vocabulary in order to deliver my purpose and my understanding of the topic in a clear way for the audience. I will support my topic through different writing formats such as advertisements, essays, creative writings and presentations.
Criterion E-draw conclusions
produce summaries of non-fiction texts, accurately conveying the main ideas and supporting details.
Read the information to get new knowledge and understand it to use it to support my topic. I will learn new knowledge from reading different new materials both in print and other forms of media.

Week 3: Knowledge- April 18th- 22nd
Teacher Notes
Standard and Criterion MetC,D.E
Completed TaskI have found some information about my topic- Indigenous Indonesian art. I described and completed my summary of my topic. I read an article that related to my topic and summarized it on my blog. Great work, try and make complex sentences in your summary and posts.
Please reference the link you used- Great, please keep all references in a bibliography.
To Do ListWeekly reflection on blog:

I will use the information contained in my summary to in a survey so that I can compare the information and make predictions on the role of culture in Indonesian Indigenous art.

Week 4- Comprehension: April 25th- 29thTeacher Notes
Standard and Criterion MetA,B, C,DGood
Completed TaskI recorded a video of an oral presentation reading my summary from the Knowledge stage. I embed this onto my edublog. I’ve made a survey on my topic and sent emails to teachers who know about Indonesian art.I enjoyed listening to your presentation.
ResourcesMacbook, Photo booth video recorder.Great
To Do ListA reflection on how my project is going. I have to collect the results from the survey and classify the responses and show the results in a table. done.Good work Nahyeon I am glad that you are integrating Math, Art and English with this project.