Thursday, 26 May 2011

Week 5

Week 5- Application May 2nd- 6thTeacher Notes
Standard and Criterion MetCriterion C,D,E
Completed TaskI examined different Indonesian paintings to see what art I would like to copy and draw for my final product.
I classified 5 paintings according to what I liked and what I thought would be easy to draw.
I posted the paintings on my blog to illustrate just how unique Indonesian art is.
You are very creative and you have chosen to finish this activity in an interesting way. Good luck!
To Do ListI will identify what artistic techniques will be useful for my final product.
I will explain in a blog entry how I intend to work towards creating my final product which is due in 2 weeks.
I love your pictures just as much I was enjoyed reading and looking at the illustrations in your book.

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  1. Well doen Nahyeoni! I am glad that you are using the Bloom's verbs and are keeping up to date with your posting.