Thursday, 26 May 2011

Indonesian paintings that I have chosen

I looked at many different kinds of Indonesian paintings, and I have chosen some of the paintings that I like.
I like how the artist painted background and the colors that he or she used. Also, the woman looks so exotic and pretty and let me feel the uniqueness of Indonesian art.

I like the right painting. The contrast of blue and yellow color is very nice.

I would like to paint something like this. The children's eyes are really pretty. The earrings are so Indonesian and lovely!

The wayang puppets are in this painting, and it is very nice how she(painter) painted the puppets on the top. The dress is also very Indonesian and lovely.

This is one example of wayang. This is very Indonesian, and has deep culture inside.

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  1. You have provided a brief but interesting narrative for each painting. As you complete this unit it would be interesting for both yourself as the writer and for the reader if you provided more information. You have chosen a lovely selection of paintings and they certainly showcase the uniqueness of Indonesia.